We're Thankful for our Staff!

Just over two years ago, we started a business.

When we first told our closest friends and family members about our new venture, the responses were, overwhelmingly, all in the realm of: "You?!?!" "Is this a joke?" and "If I had a nickel for every time I thought you'd start a sex toy shop, I'd be broke!" Growing up in conservative, mid-west families, we never thought we'd get into this line of business either! There's a stigma regarding this industry, and we were out to break it!

After a busy holiday shopping season, we've decided to pay it forward to our staff by giving them time off to spend with their families! In the meantime, we're vigorously working through the learnings from our first two years of business to bring our customers a updated experience.

If you need support with a product you purchased please either reach out to the product manufacturer or [email protected] or reach us by phone at +1 (513) 440-1627.