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  • Question Neon Bliss prides itself as offering only body safe products. What does body safe mean? showhide
  • Question Do you offer discrete shipping? showhide
  • Question How will charges show up on my credit card statement? showhide
  • Question Why am I being charged shipping when my total is over $75 showhide
  • Question When will my product ship? showhide
  • Question Does Neon Bliss offer any warranties or guarantees with the product? showhide
  • Question My package showed up damaged, now what? showhide
  • Question My package never arrived, what happened? showhide
  • Question I don’t like what I purchased; can I return it? showhide
  • Question I’m trying to support small, local, businesses these days, how is Neon Bliss classified? showhide
  • Question Since Neon Bliss is owned and operated in the USA, can orders be shipped outside of the country? showhide
  • Question I know what feels good, but there are so many options to choose from, how do I know which product is right for me? showhide
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