Fun Factory

  • Fun Factory Abby G Violet Side Fun Factory Abby G Violet Front

    Fun Factory

    Abby G

    Abby G from Fun Factory is lined with silicone ridges and is ridiculously powerful. Use the angled head and deep rumbling vibrations for targeted G-Spot pleasure or externally for waves of...

  • Fun Factory Amor Candy Rose Side Fun Factory Amor Black Front

    Fun Factory


    Fun Factory Amor is a semi-realistic dildo which owes its versatility and huge popularity to its relatively small measurements. The Amor does it in so many different ways vaginally for beginners and...

  • Fun Factory Amorino Pink Angled Fun Factory Amorino Petrol Side

    Fun Factory


    Amorino by Fun Factory is a mini vibrator with a taut flexible stimulation band. Passionate moments bloom as soon as the band joins forces with the sensitive curves of this little vibrator and...

  • Fun Factory Be One Fun Factory Be One Alternate

    Fun Factory

    Be One

    The Be One from Fun Factory is a finger vibrator that delivers effortless vibration with every touch. Features Two strong motors that bounce vibration off each other. Choose from four speeds and one...

  • Fun Factory Bootie Violet Side Fun Factory Bootie Black Angled

    Fun Factory


    Bootie by Fun Factory is a great for booty players of all levels of experience. This simple plug offers flexibility with the necessary firmness for any posterior pleasure zone. Features Creates a...

    $34.99 - $44.99
  • sold out
    Fun Factory Bootie Ring Side Fun Factory Bootie Ring Front

    Fun Factory

    Bootie Ring

    The Bootie Ring by Fun Factory combines the erection-boosting power of a silicone cock ring with perineum massage, awesome anal stimulation, and some light prostate play. Modest in size (the plug is...

  • Fun Factory Bouncer Red Angled Fun Factory Bouncer Black Front

    Fun Factory


    At first glance the Fun Factory's Bouncer has all the best characteristics of a dildo. The sleek, abstract design and the gently curved shape is perfect for stimulating the G-Spot and prostate, but...

  • Fun Factory Bullet Front Fun Factory Bullet Turned

    Fun Factory


    This little black Buller by Fun Factory massages and pampers. With its vibration programs ranging from gentle to intense this handy vibrator arouses and pleasures all erogenous zones spot-on or other...

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