• CalExotics Scandal Spreader Bar CalExotics Scandal Spreader Bar Disassembled


    Spreader Bar

    Spread your legs wide and relinquish control with the Scandal Spreader Bar. Your dominant will love the way you look with your legs spread wide in front of them, anxiously awaiting their touch. You’ll love the vulnerability of being forcibly held...

  • CalExotics Scandal Bondage Bar CalExotics Scandal Bondage Bar Alternate View 1


    Bondage Bar

    Bend over and get ready for ecstasy with the Scandal Bondage Bar. You’ll look amazing bent over and restrained with all of your assets on display for your lover’s enjoyment. Have your lover bend over, strap them in, and spank, grab, and tease...

  • sold out
    CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop Packaging Front


    Wide Tip Crop

    CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop is the ideal bondage sex toy for those nights your sub needs a good spanking. Enjoy a sexy bondage role playing scene with this sturdy and well-made riding crop. Indulge in your wildest whims and gratify your deepest...

  • CalExotics Scandal Bed Restraints CalExotics Scandal Bed Restraints Cuffs


    Bed Restraints

    Sink into the sensations of total immobility and relinquish total control to your lover with the Scandal Bed Restraints. Restraints are an amazing way to increase trust, deepen emotional connection, and explore each other’s desires in a whole new...

  • CalExotics Scandal BDSM Rope CalExotics Scandal BDSM Rope Red with Packaging


    BDSM Rope

    Give yourself over to enhanced pleasure and elevated arousal with each wrap of this slender, multi-talented rope. Use to bind wrists, wrap around ankles, create naughty décor or explore uniquely sexy outfits for kinky and fun fetish sex. Give into...

    $13.50 - $47.16
  • CalExotics Scandal Universal Cuffs CalExotics Scandal Universal Cuffs Single Cuff


    Universal Cuffs

    Do you crave a night where your lover takes full control of your body, where they use your body to fulfill their every desire or hold your arms above your head and tease you until you’re beginning for release? If so, the Scandal Universal Cuffs...

  • CalExotics Boundless Boxer Brief CalExotics Boundless Boxer Brief Front View


    Boxer Brief

    The Boundless™ Boxer Brief Harness is an ultra-comfortable, easy wear harness designed with powerful performance and comfort in mind. Beginners and expert users alike will love frustration-free pleasure with this easy-to-wear harness. Simply secure...

  • CalExotics Boundless Collar with Leash CalExotics Boundless Collar with Leash Collar


    Collar with Leash

    Looking for a "hot lead"? Better get a Boundless™ Collar with Leash! You'd never know how comfortable this collar is just by looking at the solid buckle design, the sturdy chain, and the double-stitched design, but while the double-padded, textured...

  • CalExotics Boundless Bar Gag CalExotics Boundless Bar Gag Alternate View 1


    Bar Gag

    The Boundless™ Bar Gag is coming for you! The build of this bar gag is second to none. The Boundless™ Bar Gag will give you the experience that so many have enjoyed for so long. For use by itself or with any other adult sex toys, this bar...

  • CalExotics Boundless Rope Black Rope



    Shibari Rope is becoming one of the most popular adult sex toys, thanks to fifty shades of popularity. BDSM couples completely exhaust themselves in excitement, using the rope to create amazing human art pieces, binding hands, feet, torsos, and entire...

  • CalExotics Boundless Ball Gag CalExotics Boundless Ball Gag Unbuckled


    Ball Gag

    Your Boundless™ Ball Gag is waiting for you! For use by itself or with any other adult sex toys, this ball gag ensures complete control over the speech and sexual wellness of your submissive couple partner... or of yourself! One of our most popular...

  • CalExotics Boundless Bed Restraint CalExotics Boundless Bed Restraint Cuffs


    Bed Restraint

    Beware: The Boundless™ Bed Restraint may tie up your evenings for a long time to come! This adult toy comes with wrist and ankle cuffs that offer velcro-style closures and universal claps, ensuring maximum comfort and restraint. As one of the...

  • CalExotics Boundless Wrist Cuffs CalExotics Boundless Wrist Cuffs Open


    Wrist Cuffs

    Just get on the bed and stay there... in Boundless™ Wrist Cuffs. The Boundless™ Wrist Cuffs truly are world-class, and second to none. Give them a try... if you dare. Features These wrist cuffs can be bound together with a fully-flexible...

  • CalExotics Boundless Ankle Cuffs CalExotics Boundless Ankle Cuffs Alternate View


    Ankle Cuffs

    For those nights that need a few extra shades of grey, the Boundless™ Ankle Cuffs are exactly what you have been looking for. The sturdy, double-padded, double-stitched design ensures the high-quality material is securely bound together, and the...

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