Anal Probes

  • Lora Di Carlo Sway Lora Di Carlo Sway Front View

    Lora DiCarlo


    Sway by Lora DiCarlo is a mutli-use toy ready for you to explore in even more ways. Its Ergonomic design with 2 motors is perfect for the G-spot, clitoris, P-spot or perineum. Both ends are insertable and angled to hit your target spot just perfectly...

  • FORTO Thruster Angled FORTO Thruster



    This exciting item offers sensations that emulate penetration with a partner with seven thrusting modes. Made from liquid silicone with a textured exterior for extra sensation and curved for prostate stimulation. Features 7 Thrust Modes Standby Mode...

  • Tantus Ripple Amethyst Large Tantus Ripple Onyx Small



    Tantus Ripple is a great first plug. Anal beads are amazing; there is no anal toy we sell more popular than our anal bead Ripple. The beautiful pop they make is wonderful, both visually as well as tactile. It can be such a nice building block too slowly...

    $28.79 - $37.79
  • FORTO F-42 Spiral Beads Black FORTO F-42 Spiral Beads Red Angle


    F-42 Spiral Beads

    Beads offer lots of anal sensation, and the FORTO F-42 Spiral Beads have swirls molded into each bead for an extra layer of fun! Available in two colors. Great for penetrative anal-sex prep, extended-wear, or a fun way to add more sensation to solo play...

  • FORTO F-52 Cone Beads Black FORTO F-52 Cone Beads Red Angle


    F-52 Cone Beads

    FORTO's F-52 beads are long, strong, and down to get the friction on with lots of curves that allow the anus to expand and contract for extra sensations. Start with one curve and work up to inserting the entire plug for some extra fun. A flared base that...

  • B-Vibe Cinco Beads B-Vibe Cinco Beads in Hand


    Cinco Beads

    Meet the B-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads: the only premium set of vibrating anal beads that feature five flexible tapered beads, an easy grip handle, three powerful rumbly motors, and a remote control that works up to 30 feet away. Experience the...

  • B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads Fuchsia B-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads Black Side View


    Triplet Beads

    B-Vibe Triplet anal beads are the only premium anal beads that feature flexible tapered size beads, an easy grip handle, and two powerful motors. Experiment with the pleasure of 6 vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns, perfect for new or experienced...

  • Le Wand Bow Le Wand Bow Alternate View 1

    le Wand


    Induce toe-curling orgasms with the Le Wand Bow. A beautifully sleek, solid stainless steel wand that is perfectly curved for deep, effortless reach. Let the Bow stainless steel wand gently slide into place and firmly press against your G-spot or P-spot...

  • Le Wand Hoop Le Wand Hoop Alternate View

    le Wand


    Lay back and relish in the depths of pleasure by yourself or with your partner with the Le Wand Hoop. The perfect curvature and ample reach of this stainless steel wand will leave you in awe with its satisfying weight and pressure. Allow the Hoop wand to...

  • njoy Pure Wand njoy Pure Wand Side


    Pure Wand

    This sensually curved beauty provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot —G, P or wherever feels good. njoy! Features Crafted from high quality hypoallergenic stainless steel. Has the perfect curvature to reach the G-Spot or P-Spot without...

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