• Crystal Delights Rainbow Bubble Dildo

    Crystal Delights

    Rainbow Bubble Dildo

    Calling all Rainbow People! Finished with a glittery dichroic bulb, this dil will soon become a favorite. Each bubble bulb tapers in size making this textured toy feel absolutely exquisite. The rainbow spectrum-colored gentle curve fits well in the hand,...

  • CalExotics Boundless Smooth 6" Profile View CalExotics Boundless Smooth 4.75" Front View



    The Boundless™ Smooth Probe is sure to thrust you into the orgasmic world of deep internal stimulation. The perfectly angled shaft, flexible shaft and strong suction cup base let you deliver pinpointed stimulation with every thrust. Features The...

    $18.18 - $22.50
  • CalExotics Boundless Slim CalExotics Boundless Slim Angled View



    The Boundless™ 4.5” Slim Probe is sure to thrust you into the orgasmic world of deep internal stimulation. The perfectly angled shaft, flexible shaft and strong suction cup base let you deliver pinpointed stimulation with every thrust...

  • CalExotics Boundless Riged 6" CalExotics Boundless Riged 4.75"



    The Boundless™ Smooth Probe is sure to thrust you into the orgasmic world of sensational internal stimulation. The perfectly angled shaft, sensually ridged shaft and strong suction cup base let you deliver pinpointed stimulation with every thrust...

    $18.18 - $20.25
  • Desirables Dalia Classic Side Desirables Dalia Love Dust Alternate Side



    The Dalia is a unique porcelain dildo created by Désirables and was designed to reach the elusive G-Spot. Every piece is handcrafted with love by local potters following the Limoges’ traditions ensuring the highest possible...

    $115.00 - $135.00
  • Tantus Goddess Lavender Tantus Goddess Pearl Top View



    Goddess Purple Haze Vibrator sparkles through and through. She's beautiful with subtle curves for added pleasure. A silicone vibrator with a divine shape, the Goddess from Tantus has lots of texture for sensational pleasure. The tapered head features a...

  • Tantus Leisure Amethyst Tantus Leisure Pearl Bottom View



    The Leisure is a smooth, simple silicone dildo that's just right for penetrative pleasures. No ribs, ticklers, or nubs on the sleek sides of this sex toy - just pure premium silicone that warms up to your body temperature as you enjoy it. An excellent...

    $57.59 - $57.60
  • Tantus Curve Amethyst Tantus Curve Onyx Bottom



    The Curve is the first of a new line of Tantus products to feature a wider base, enabling people to combine the versatility of harness play with the direct G-Spot stimulation all women crave. The subtle angle of the Curve makes it ideal for anal or...

    $57.59 - $64.00
  • Tantus Acute Lavender Tantus Acute Amethyst Top



    Tantus Acute Dong is a medium-sized toy that mimics the perfect angle for penetration especially when used with a harness. The Acute is well-sized for both vaginal and anal play. Tantus advise: Dildos give you the feeling of fullness vaginally, or if you...

  • Tantus Hookah Bubble Gum Tantus Hookah Bubble Gum Top View



    Hookah Dildo from Tantus is a super soft spiraling dildo. Its swirls and bumps take you down a pleasurable rabbit hole and gives you permission to expand your self knowledge. It is an adventure ride for those who like a feeling of fullness and repeated...

  • Tantus Silk Lavender Medium Tantus Silk Onyx Large Top View



    Tantus Silk Dildo. The Silk dildo is the perfect choice for a first dildo. This line will allow you to safely try a new experience and not feel awkward or embarrassed about purchasing an extreme toy. These dildos are a sensual delight that glide in...

    $28.79 - $52.00
  • Stainless Bow APA01497_2

    le Wand

    Stainless Bow

    Induce toe-curling orgasms with the Le Wand Bow. A beautifully sleek, solid stainless steel wand that is perfectly curved for deep, effortless reach. Let the Bow stainless steel wand gently slide into place and firmly press against your G-spot or P-spot...

  • sold out
    njoy Fun Wand njoy Fun Wand Inverted


    Fun Wand

    Lighter and sleeker than the Fun Wand, the njoy Pure Wand is Great fun. Ideal alone or with a partner for combined oral and G-spot stimulation. Turn the tables and use the graduated balls to give him an anal ride he won't soon forget. Features Crafted...

  • Fun Factory Limba Flex Medium Straight Fun Factory Limba Flex Medium Flex 1

    Fun Factory

    Limba Flex

    Customize your fun with the Limba Flex, Fun Factory's new bendable dildo. For people who dream of a dildo that fits their body perfectly and hits exactly the right spot every time? The Limba Flex comes in two sizes, each with a slightly different...

    $59.99 - $69.99
  • Fun Factory Bouncer Red Angled Fun Factory Bouncer Black Front

    Fun Factory


    At first glance the Fun Factory's Bouncer has all the best characteristics of a dildo. The sleek, abstract design and the gently curved shape is perfect for stimulating the G-Spot and prostate, but doesn't easily give away the surprise it hides inside...

  • Fun Factory Amor Candy Rose Side Fun Factory Amor Black Front

    Fun Factory


    Fun Factory Amor is a semi-realistic dildo which owes its versatility and huge popularity to its relatively small measurements. The Amor does it in so many different ways vaginally for beginners and women who like a lighter touch, or anally for those who...

  • Stainless Contour APA01609_2

    le Wand

    Stainless Contour

    Created to effortlessly work with the natural curves of your body, the Le Wand Contour will sate the desire of every advanced pleasure seeker for filling sensations with its sleek ultra-girthy sensations and gentle curves. Firmly pressing on all your...

  • Stainless Hoop APA01608_10

    le Wand

    Stainless Hoop

    Lay back and relish in the depths of pleasure by yourself or with your partner with the Le Wand Hoop. The perfect curvature and ample reach of this stainless steel wand will leave you in awe with its satisfying weight and pressure. Allow the Hoop wand to...

  • Stainless Swerve APA01499_2

    le Wand

    Stainless Swerve

    Satiate your desire for the sensation of fullness and weighted pressure in all the right spots the Le Wand Swerve provides a sensational choice of multiple stimulation options. This smooth and sleek dynamic dual-ended pleasure tool offers a fulfilling...

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