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    Vixen Creations Mister Right Vixskin

    Vixen Creations

    Mister Right Vixskin

    Introducing Mr. Right, the first Vixskin silicone packing dildo by Vixen Creations. Mr. Right is for everyday packing or to wear once in a while. It looks realistic, fits comfortably, and feels just right. This toy can be worn several different ways. It...

  • Vixen Creations Mistress Silver Glitter Vixen Creations Mistress Purple Shimmer

    Vixen Creations


    The popular Mistress will leave you begging for more. Her average sized proportions make her a great choice for those needing an all purpose dildo. The long, slim shaft is just as pleasing when used anally as it is vaginally. Mistress also offers the...

    $53.00 - $55.00
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    Vixen Creations Mustang Royale Vixskin Caramel Angled Vixen Creations Mustang Royale Vixskin Vanilla Bottom

    Vixen Creations

    Mustang Royale Vixskin

    Mustang Royale Vixskin is a realistic dildo with round base. Made out of their exclusive VixSkin silicone, Mustang has a solid inner core and an outer silicone layer that feels like the real deal. For those of you that want something smaller than the...

  • Vixen Creations Spur Vixskin Vanilla Vixen Creations Spur Vixskin Caramel

    Vixen Creations

    Spur Vixskin

    The Spur dildo is a petite dildo, perfect for those who love a shorter length or want to try anal with a smaller silicone dildo. The core is firm enough for easy penetration and strap on play, while the surface is so realistically soft you won't be able...

  • Pink WTPNSN041025_2

    NS Novelties

    Colour Soft 5 "

    Enjoy the delicate touch of Colour Soft’s realistically molded dildos, made from soft medical grade silicone. Coupled with its lock tight suction cup, Colour Soft dildo delivers a whole new experience and feel. Features: Made of body safe...

  • WTPNSN040411_2 WTPNSN040413_1

    NS Novelties

    Colours Pleasures Dildo

    Colours Pleasures Dildo from NS Novelties is a realistic dong that is velvety soft to the touch, yet firm for effortless penetration. These naturally dongs are slightly curved and heavily veined providing immeasurable pleasure. Features: Made of body...

    $24.93 - $44.91
  • Tantus They/Them Azure Tantus They/Them Silver Top View


    They/Them Supersoft

    They/Them Super Soft Silicone Dildo from Tantus is a short, stout dildo that you can use a considerable amount of thrust for a good hard pounding without pounding your cervix or insides. It is perfect for feeling the girth, and the super soft silicone is...

  • Tantus Adam Super Soft Currant Tantus Adam Super Soft Amethyst Top View


    Adam Super Soft

    Adam Super Soft is a semi-realistic dildo with hints of veins and a dramatic arch that plays especially well in a harness. This toy is perfect for g-spotting or p-spotting with a very generous base for a snug fit. The Super Soft Silicone gives a...

  • Tantus Pack N Play No. 2 Tantus Pack N Play No. 2 Top View


    Pack N Play No. 2

    Tantus Pack n Play line was created to offer state of the art design in a toy made for both packing and use during sex. Pack n Play No. 2 is smaller for those who would prefer to sport a more subtle package. The softer material enables the wearer to pack...

  • Tantus Champion Bubble Gum Tantus Champion Onyx Bottom View



    Champion Rockabilly Blue Dildo offers a compassionate Champion to make your day better. Champion is a phallic fantasy dildo made of Tantus own formula of 100% Super Soft Ultra-Premium Silicone. Strong to do your bidding, friendly, and very comforting...

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